Wireless charging kits speed path to prototypes

9th August 2016
Mick Elliott

Wireless charging evaluation platforms from Semtech are available at Mouser Electronics. The wireless kits allow design engineers to quickly develop and test wireless charging solutions for a broad range of low-, medium-, and high-power applications. The kits are available in a variety of power configurations for transmitter and receiver evaluation and provide the tools that design engineers need to quickly prototype and demonstrate their wireless charging applications.

Included in the kits are a PCB with a controller, necessary components such as FET drivers and buck regulators, and firmware that engineers can easily upgrade.

The evaluation kits support single and multimode functionality (including Qi, PMA, A4WP standards), and can quickly be adapted to support evolving wireless charging standards.

They have been developed to it easy for engineers to develop and test wireless charging applications for low-power mobile and wearable devices; medium-powered electronics equipment such as laptops, monitors, and automobile charging systems; and high-powered devices such as power tools.

The kits can also be used to develop and test wireless charging infrastructure applications such as furniture-embedded wireless charging, which is becoming widespread in the hospitality industry and in places such as coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, and airports.

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