Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS & Microchip PIC32 MCUs

27th August 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

Percepio has announced the availability of an updated version of FreeRTOS+Trace targeting Microchip’s PIC32 MCUs and MPLAB X IDE.

FreeRTOS+Trace for PIC32 brings Percepio’s market-leading visualisation tools to the Microchip PIC32 MCU world. This means 20+ views, which are interconnected to allow viewing the trace from multiple perspectives, for instance task scheduling, communication and synchronisation, as well as resource usage and logged application variables.

FreeRTOS+Trace for PIC32 comes with a plugin for MPLAB X IDE that streamlines the workflow. Thanks to Percepio’s close collaboration with Microchip, FreeRTOS+Trace for PIC32 is priced at $149 for the Standard Edition and $249 for the Professional Edition.

Dr Johan Kraft, Founder and CEO, Percepio, said: “We are excited to offer this Tracealyzer version for the Microchip community. Developers using PIC32 MCUs and MPLAB X IDE can now benefit from outstanding runtime insight during debugging, validation and profiling, boosting their development productivity.”

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