Take control of OS X Storage with hard disk manager for Mac

10th June 2016
Jordan Mulcare

Paragon Software Group (PSG) announces the release of Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac, a powerful tool to protect, maintain, and manage your OS X system. This unique software tool covers all aspects of a Mac’s computer life cycle, from drive partitioning and regular backup to system migration, flexible disaster recovery options, and secure wiping of recycled storage.

Sector-level data processing via Snapshot enables users to perform live imaging and migration of an entire Mac — including the operating system, applications, and files — without interrupting your daily work routine. Advanced functionality includes the resizing of partitions, redistribution of free space, and other disk operations. OS X systems ship with integrated partitioning features, but these are limited to basic tasks. For example, modifying the partition table after its creation isn’t particularly easy to do, and Mac users are unable to change partition properties or resize file systems other than HFS+.

Key Features:

  • Sector-level backup through Snapshot delivers superior backup and recovery speed, and overall performance. Paragon’s Snapshot performs live imaging of the entire Mac, including OS, applications and files, all without a system restart.
  • Incremental imaging is the most efficient backup method for keeping data up-to-date by excluding data duplicates and minimising the backup storage footprint for several timestamps of the same data.
  • Free space redistribution on adjacent partitions without restarting Mac.
  • Apple Core Storage: Backup and restore any type of Core Storage configurations including FileVault 2 (Full Disk Encryption) and Fusion Drive.
  • Apple System Integrity Protection: Accomplish operations otherwise prohibited by SIP from the bootable recovery media or switch off SIP to perform all operations directly in OS X.
  • Boot Media Builder: Create a bootable USB thumb drive or external drive to restore OS X system volumes or accomplish drive partitioning in El Capitan 10.11.
  • Disk cloning: Transfer not only OS X, but Boot Camp Windows volumes as well, resizing partitions while copying proportionally to the size of the target disk or any way you need it.
  • Wide restore options include restore of OS X, Boot Camp Windows, any set of data partitions, or of the entire Mac to the original or new location; fast restore of individual files by mounting backup images in the read-only mode; restore with various resize options.
  • Virtualization ready: Back up your Mac into a VMDK container and launch the system in VMware Fusion environment or vice versa.
  • Data wiping: Irreversibly destroy information on a volume, or only remnants of deleted files and directories on the disk.
  • Data containers support: VMDK, VDI, VHD or HDD. HDM for Mac also supports pVHD (Paragon Virtual Hard Drive), a special VHD image optimized for backups of virtual and physical machines. pVHD eliminates the limitations of standard virtual drive formats, such as a poor compression ratio, integrity control, and encryption capabilities. As a result, it creates backups that are up to four times smaller than original backup objects!
  • Fix Windows boot issues: If Windows OS volume refuses to boot after replacing a failed hardware device, boot virus activity, or other issue, our boot repair tools can be used prior to taking more radical actions.
  • Partition schemes support: HDM for Mac not only supports GUID Partition Table (GPT), Master Boot Record (MBR), and hybrid (GPT+MBR) partition schemes, but also allows easy non-destructive conversion between them.
  • Rich file system support: Create, format, resize, change properties of HFS+, NTFS, ExtFS, FAT, and exFAT partitions.

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