Saelig Debuts GTO – GUI Software Speeds PCB Assembly Design Verification

3rd December 2009
Nat Bowers

Saelig Company, Inc. announces the availability of GTO, - an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface tool, expressly designed to help rework technicians, assembly technicians, and printed circuit board assembly contract manufacturers to easily locate single or multiple components on a PCB.

GTO produces a unified PCB image, by combining top and bottom Gerber silkscreens, pick-and-place drill files, and formatted Bill Of Materials (.csv file). The tool creates a composite view of the PCB, by fusing silkscreens, parts list, and placement information into a single view. The unified PCB Image allows a technician to easily perform tasks such as locating an individual component or a group of BOM line-item components, generate assembly notes that can be routed back to engineering for Engineering Change Notes, and production of automatically generated symbol/color coded assembly prints, showing exactly which parts need to be located in what precise locations on the PCB.

The GUI tool creates new efficiency into the PCB manufacturing and design process. It reduces hours of manual drawing markups and BOM associations into just a few mouse clicks. Parts can be automatically located, by right-clicking on a line item and selecting the “blink” or “location” option. Errors in engineering change notices (ECN’s or EAR’s) can be noted directly into an assembly view, for universal viewing. The stored project bundle creates a single file containing the Top and Bottom Silkscreen, pick and place, BOM, and notes to be easily distributed to engineering or your customers. It helps clarify Engineering Change Notices and Rework as the design progresses through assembly.

GTO works effectively for a wide range of PCB’s, from simple, small boards, to higher-density boards comprised of more than 2,000 parts. The tool eliminates the “hunt” for finding that “one part” requiring modification, and can be used to provide immediate ROI for contract manufacturers, by automating the pre-production assembly symbol/color-coded print chart process.

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