Optical module reference design from Phyworks provides instant digital solution

23rd May 2008
ES Admin
Phyworks has introduced a complete hardware and software reference design for 125Mbps – 1.25Gbps SFP optical modules offering a fully digital configuration and monitoring capability. Aiming to help datacomm module makers and network operators significantly reduce costs and time-to-market, this flexible reference design does not require specialised software engineering knowledge.
The design is based on the recently introduced PHY1040 laser transceiver and limiting amplifier IC and an off-the shelf 8-bit microcontroller with embedded flash, running a ready-made graphical user interface (GUI). The system architecture allows users to configure the PHY1040 in software to meet specific optics and network requirements and to create custom solutions fully compliant with the SFF8472 standard.

Using a consistent circuit layout, optical module manufacturers can use the GUI to configure the PHY1040 firmware via its two-wire interface to match the requirements of either VCSEL or FP and DFB lasers in 125Mbps – 1.25Gbps applications. Programmable device parameters include VSCSEL/Laser operation, bias and modulation current, transmit power, control loop, receive path filters and loss of signal (LOS).

Module performance monitoring is also quickly set-up and customised in firmware using the GUI configuration screen. Users can configure their firmware to monitor module temperature, power supply, laser bias current, average transmitted power and average received power.

Setting up the optical assembly in firmware, as opposed to the use of fixed resistors also improves laser matching accuracy and yield and reduces re-work costs. The use of a two-wire interface to configure both datacomm and FTTx modules means optical module manufacturers can use a single production line to produce both.

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