Nuvoton Launches New Hardware Monitoring Device

15th April 2013
ES Admin
Nuvoton Technology today launched a new Hardware Monitoring device – NCT7368S, a PWM comparator IC, also from Nuvoton Hardware Monitor IC family. The NCT7368S supports 4 PWM input channels, 1 output channel, and it’s capable of comparing the input duty cycles and route the highest one to PWM output accordingly to do the fan control.
The comparing frequency and proportional hysteresis is selectable when system powers are on. Furthermore, the NCT7368S supports thermal hot protection, which can be connected to an alert signal from the thermal IC or micro-controller. The NCT7368S is widely used for workstation and server application, especially for the server backplane board. It could be designed in company with other Nuvoton Hardware Monitoring ICs to ensure efficiency and reliability of the system.

Nuvoton's Hardware Monitoring IC solutions have always been customer’s primary choice. As the system hardware’s first protection gatekeeper, the Nuvoton Hardware Monitoring IC series always integrates the most important and up-to-date hardware monitoring functions, also perfects the system stability and overall functionalities with excellent quality and efficiency. Thus it’s the industry’s most complete suite of solutions for desktop, notebooks, servers, VGA cards, projectors, and game console applications.

Nuvoton has been the major supplier of the key IC components for PC related markets and is proud to provide a total solution for the latest PC platforms with cost effective product portfolio. Nuvoton will continue growing family of Hardware Monitoring ICs for their evolving system health management needs.

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