Isolated CAN reference design

7th January 2019
Alex Lynn

This design note from Texas Instruments presents the reference design of an isolated CAN node using the isolated CAN transceiver and a transformer driver, SN6505A, to generate the isolated power. The family of isolated CAN transceivers covered here include the ISO1042, with 70V bus fault protection and flexible data rate for industrial and automotive applications, and ISO1050 isolated CAN transceiver.

The ISO1042 possesses 7kV peak isolation voltage and has a typical transient immunity of 100kV/µs. The device operates from a 1.8V to 5V nominal supply on the primary side and a 5V nominal supply on the secondary side. This is of particular advantage for applications operating in harsh industrial environments.

The wide range of supply voltages on the primary side enables the connection to low-voltage microcontrollers for power preservation, whereas the 5V on the secondary side maintains a high signal-to-noise ratio of the bus signals.

To access the design note, click here.

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