Green Hills' µ-velOSity supports Analog Devices Blackfin Embedded Processor

25th September 2006
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Green Hills Software has announced that µ-velOSity is now available for Analog Devices’ Blackfin processors. With a ROM footprint as small as 2200 bytes, RAM footprint as small as 1000 bytes, and service call times as low as 30 cycles, µ-velOSity is ideal for the convergent applications in which Blackfin excels, including multi-format audio, video, voice and image processing, multi-mode baseband and packet processing, control processing and real-time security.
“The combination of µ-velOSity and Blackfin are ideal for power-sensitive, cost-sensitive, and performance-critical electronic products, offering users the ability to achieve the fastest time-to-market with the lowest deployment cost,” commented Gerald McGuire, general manager, Convergent Platform and Services Group, Analog Devices.

µ-velOSity is extremely easy to use. With complete kernel source code and MULTI’s kernel aware debugging and project creation wizard, Blackfin device software is easy to develop, analyse, debug, test, and optimise for any aspect of the system.

µ-velOSity joins Green Hills Software’s velOSity and INTEGRITY real-time operating systems, which are the market share leading 3rd party real-time operating systems for Blackfin. INTEGRITY offers memory protection and security and is aimed at mission-critical systems such as industrial control, medical devices, and automotive infotainment platforms. velOSity is aimed at designs that require the availability of common BSPs and middleware with INTEGRITY but run without requiring the use of a memory management unit (MMU). µ-velOSity is aimed at the most tightly constrained embedded systems, where RAM and ROM are at a premium. From µ-velOSity on the low end to INTEGRITY on the high end, these RTOSes and compatible API technology deliver unprecedented scalability along with application code and development tools for reuse across multiple projects and requirements.

µ-velOSity provides extremely fast operating system services and real-time, deterministic execution. Context switching, service calls, and interrupt handling for Blackfin are finely tuned for maximum throughput and minimum latency, even under heavy loads – making it ideal for devices with demanding performance requirements.

µ-velOSity’s industry-leading small footprint makes it ideal for embedded systems that have the tightest memory constraints. µ-velOSity is delivered as a library and is automatically configured by the Green Hills tool chain to include only those services that are actually used by the applications, delivering the smallest, most efficient footprint possible.

µ-velOSity does not have a per-unit royalty charge, avoiding the headache of royalty reporting and making it ideal for high-volume, cost-sensitive Blackfin-based embedded products. Green Hills also offers an extremely attractive licensing model for OEMs, enabling µ-velOSity to be included in a value-added solution for end product developers at a fraction of the cost of other offerings.

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