Green Hills Software announces INTEGRITY® Secure Virtualization for Texas Instruments’ OMAP™ 4 platform

9th December 2010
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Green Hills Software, Inc has announced INTEGRITY Secure Virtualization for the multicore OMAP 4 applications processors from Texas Instruments Incorporated. ISV is built on Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY real-time operating system. ISV for the OMAP 4 platform utilises TI’s built-in M-Shield technology, which is based on ARM TrustZone technology. As a result, ISV creates a bullet-proof partition between security and real-time critical applications hosted by the INTEGRITY RTOS and a general purpose multimedia OS such as Android, Meego, or Windows.
ISV for OMAP 4 technology is aimed at leading developers of smartphones. Related support will be available for select customers. The solution will be distributed across other applicable markets, including consumer electronics segments, software-defined radio and network security appliances.

“Mobile devices powered by OMAP technology put unparalleled computing into the hands of users. With this benefit comes the challenge of provisioning and managing secure virtualization platforms. When seeking complementary solutions for TI’s OMAP 4 platform virtualization capabilities, we look for smaller embedded hypervisor footprints to optimize processor efficiency in mobile devices. We meet that goal while also leveraging TI’s M-Shield technology through Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY Secure Virtualization,” said Robert Tolbert, director of product management, OMAP Smartphone Business Line, TI.

“With M-Shield security features including TrustZone, cryptographic accelerators, and secure key storage, as well as multimedia, power management, and multicore processing capabilities, OMAP 4 technology provides an ideal hardware platform to complement the secure, real-time, high performance operating environment of ISV,” commented David Kleidermacher, chief technology officer, Green Hills Software. “This solution enables end users to trust their mobile devices for powerful next-generation features, such as in-person proofing, mobile money, sensitive information processing, and remote control of automobile functions.”

INTEGRITY Secure Virtualization for TrustZone Technology

INTEGRITY Secure Virtualization consists of the certified INTEGRITY operating system technology coupled with facilities to execute one or more “guest” operating systems on TrustZone technology-enabled SoCs. INTEGRITY Secure Virtualization also provides a communications interface for the normal zone to request services of the secure zone. This architecture enables security and reliability-critical applications to safely execute with guaranteed memory, CPU time resources, and device access control, regardless of what is happening in the normal zone.

The INTEGRITY RTOS uses its proven resource management and protection capabilities and the ARM memory management unit (MMU) to compartmentalise the secure zone into “metazones.” This further reduces time-to-certification for specialised applications, such as key management and wireless communications software, which must share the secure zone with other critical components.

INTEGRITY Secure Virtualization offers several approaches to virtualization in ARM-powered devices. INTEGRITY Secure Virtualization hosts an unmodified guest operating system (“full” virtualization), taking advantage of hardware features such as TrustZone when present. ISV can also employ paravirtualization for maximising guest OS performance when hardware acceleration is unavailable or when hosting multiple guest operating systems on TrustZone-based SoCs such as OMAP 4 applications processors.

The Broadest Software Ecosystem

In addition to its security and reliability features, INTEGRITY Secure Virtualization comes with more than a decade of tools and middleware ecosystem to help device manufacturers develop and deploy products faster. The INTEGRITY RTOS is supported by thousands of device drivers, network stacks, file systems, Java virtual machines, and many other components – pre-integrated and ready to deploy.

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