GOEPEL electronic demonstrates first Evaluation Kit for Embedded System Access

7th March 2012
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GOEPEL electronic introduces ESA Coach, a special evaluation and training kit supporting Embedded System Access (ESA) technologies. The new demonstration board enables the practical training of all Embedded System Access technologies such as Boundary Scan, Processor Emulation Test and Chip Embedded Instruments by means of respective tutorials, additionally allowing for the development and validation of individual Intellectual Properties (IP).
“The advancing paradigm change from intrusive test to Embedded System Access requires corresponding knowledge and technology transfer, which we are able to excellently support by our new ESA Coach”, says Jan Heiber, Application Support Manager with GOEPEL electronic’s Boundary Scan Division. “Practically training newest test and programming strategies enables users to solve access problems caused by intrusive methods. Simultaneously, users receive a lot of suggestions for process improvements throughout the entire product life cycle, and for holistic approaches to reduce costs.”

In addition to a microcontroller with ARM core, the ESA Coach includes an FPGA, various Boundary Scan circuits, NAND and NOR Flash, DDR2-SDRAM as well as a colour display and diverse operating elements. All ESA technologies such as FPGA Assisted Test, FPGA Assisted Programming, Processor Emulation Test, Core Assisted Programming, Boundary Scan, In-System Programming and Chip Embedded Instruments can be demonstrated and compared due to their performance. Furthermore, the demonstration board provides an extension connector and various fault switches in order to verify the single test operations’ diagnosis ability.

The Kit also contains a demo version of SYSTEM CASCON Release 4.6 as well as associated VarioTAP® and ChipVORX® models for Processor Emulation or controlling FPGA Embedded Instruments.

SYSTEM CASCON™ is a professional JTAG/Boundary Scan development environment, developed by GOEPEL electronic with currently 47 completely integrated ISP, test, and debug tools for design validation, production test and field service. It features the technologies ChipVORX® to control Chip Embedded Instruments and VarioTAP® for Processor Emulation.

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