ERNI provides product data via the Supplyframe platform

4th August 2021
Alex Lynn

ERNI continues to expand its digitisation-based services using the Supplyframe DesignSense platform to deliver digital design assets including schematic symbols, PCB footprints, and 3D CAD models in STEP format (ECAD models). 

Models of many ERNI products are now available for download from the ERNI website and from the websites of most ERNI distributors. In addition, designers can request ECAD models for products for which digital design assets are not yet available. ECAD models are generated within an average of six hours and delivered to the designer via email. With this service, ERNI saves its customers time and supports easier design adoption of its connectors. The ECAD models no longer must be created by hand by the PCB designer.

The Supplyframe Library Loader prepares the data for all standard PCB design programs and enables the download directly into the circuit diagram or PCB layout saving the design engineer from laborious manual integration of the ECAD models into their component library. Library Loader takes care of the entire process and allows an ERNI component to be placed directly into the design from the website.

In addition to model availability on the ERNI website and at distributors, models are also displayed on the extensive Supplyframe Media network covering numerous engineering and procurement websites. Every month, more than ten million electronics specialists worldwide use Supplyframe’s search engines, datasheet websites and social media to fast-track their designs incorporating digital assets.

The asociated design and e-commerce activities form the foundation for Supplyframe's Design-to-Source Intelligence (DSI) platform. This is considered to be the world's most comprehensive source of information for the electronics industry. Per month, the platform records more than 22 million product searches, nine million downloads, and 2.2 million buy-now clicks across all its various online presences. ERNI opted for Supplyframe DesignSense because of its seamless integration of product data and 3D models into its comprehensive global platform structure. The Supplyframe network has more than 70 engineering and e-commerce sites from which design assets are available.

With the new service, ERNI completes the provision of connector data and enables its customers to design quickly, as 3D CAD and layout data of almost all connectors can now be downloaded at the touch of a button from ERNI's and distributors' websites as well as from various Supplyframe marketplaces on the Internet and digitally integrated directly into their own designs.

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