AUTOSAR 4.0.3 basic software from Vector available

26th September 2012
ES Admin
Vector has extended its AUTOSAR solution for AUTOSAR 4.0.3. This version supports automotive OEMs and suppliers in implementing the latest AUTOSAR standard. The solution consists of the MICROSAR basic software and the new generation of the DaVinci Configurator Pro configuration tool. First suppliers are already implementing the new AUTOSAR software in production projects.
Vector has acquired extensive experience in implementing MICROSAR basic software in over 200 production projects. This experience has now lead to the implementation of AUTOSAR 4.0.3. The results are fine-tuned optimization algorithms and extended functions for better use of the AUTOSAR standard.

The new DaVinci Configurator Pro, with its uniform and intuitive user interface, simplifies the process of configuring the MICROSAR basic software. The user can either work with a native view on the AUTOSAR data or with special comfort views to the domains of the ECU software such as communication, memory management, diagnostics and the runtime environment. The process of creating a consistent configuration is simplified by automatically deriving parameters from OEM-specific system descriptions and automatically considering parameter dependencies. An update function simplifies updating of the configuration after changes have been made to the system description.

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