Abacus Embedded and MPC launch self-funding Windows Embedded Standard port

26th May 2009
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Abacus Embedded, now an Avnet Embedded Business, and MPC Data have launched Embedded XPert, a new service to port embedded systems running under Windows XP Professional to Windows Embedded Standard or Windows XP Embedded. According to the two companies, customers should recoup the cost of the port and see in the benefits of lower license costs in as little as 200 units, thanks to the lower cost of licensing Windows Embedded.

Commenting, Nick Donaldson, General Manager of Abacus Embedded, said, “Any embedded system running stably under Windows XP Professional will run at least as well, if not better, under Windows Embedded Standard following the XPert treatment. Migrating to Windows Embedded Standard gives customers a stable, robust software platform designed specifically for the embedded environment.”

Alan Rowe from MPC Data added, “XPert implements the migration seamlessly, with no requirement to modify application software or hardware. Using the componentised architecture of Embedded Standard and other optimisation features, it is often possible to create an operating system image that is more compact, boots faster, is more secure and even runs faster than the existing OS.” He continued, “We’re a Microsoft Embedded Gold Partner, with a track record of over 100 successful embedded system designs based on Microsoft Embedded products and tools. We can therefore guarantee success of the port.”

The Windows Embedded products are functionally equivalent to XP Professional, but have a modular architecture. Each consists of 12,000 individual components which can be included in or omitted from the image targeted at a specific application. Unwanted OS features can be removed, increasing stability and reducing points of attack for hackers. Windows Embedded can also be up to 40% cheaper than XP Professional – a cost saving that can pay for the Embedded XPert migration with only a few hundred images.

Donaldson continued, “Support for XP Professional is being phased out, and will soon only be available from Abacus Embedded and other embedded channel distributors. Embedded XPert is the best way forward for any embedded application still using this operating system. Porting to Windows Vista may require a new hardware platform to give the required processing power and other resources. Switching to any other operating system will require even more substantial redevelopment.”

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