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1st September 2022
Kiera Sowery

The NGO Hackers Without Borders (HWB) and YesWeHack announce their close partnership – working together to protect non-profit organisations from cyberattacks.

YesWeHack will provide HWB with free access to its bug bounty platform for this purpose. There, ethical hackers are matched with NGOs who want to secure their infrastructure against cyberattacks.

Humanitarian programmes are protected by ethical hackers

Cyber attacks are on the rise. This trend is especially impacting those who are nonprofits or victims of armed conflict. As an independent and neutral organization, HWB provides them with cyber protection and assistance by, for example, analyzing websites of refugee and migrant organisations, securing personal data, protecting healthcare facilities, and educating about online threats. As part of the partnership, HWB is now receiving support from YesWeHack, the crowdsourced cybersecurity experts.

YesWeHack provides HWB with free access to its Bug Bounty platform. There, humanitarian programs can be launched and scrutinised for vulnerabilities by over 40,000 certified researchers. Using the same attack methods as malicious hackers is a fundamental building block to comprehensively protect against cyber threats. To pay out rewards to the Hunters and make the programs attractive to them, capital is raised via crowdfunding campaigns.

Commitment to gain new blood in the ethical hacker community

The HWB and YesWeHack partnership also includes close collaboration between HWB Academy and YesWeHackEDU. Together, the two educational initiatives are committed to recruiting young talent for the ethical hacker community and training them accordingly. In doing so, women in particular are to be inspired and their vocations should be encouraged for these tasks, as they have hardly been represented in this field so far. Through the YesWeHackEDU educational platform and the HWB Academy platform, future experts are trained in vulnerability scanning and risk analysis methodology. YesWeHack's proven methodology underpins HWB's positioning in education and training.

" At its core, YesWeHack is about connecting those who can help with those who need help Here, that commitment comes into its own - it's a form of accomplishment for us, and we're really grateful to do it together with HWB “said Guillaume Vassault-Houlière, co-founder & CEO of YesWeHack.

"This unique partnership strengthens our positioning in education and supports our HWB Academy project, where we train women while providing NGOs with educational and awareness content," added Karim Lamouri, President of HWB.

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