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UV line-up at ICE shows

27th February 2017
Anna Flockett

Exhibiting at this year’s ICE shows in Munich and Orlando, GEW will be presenting the latest releases of their line of specialist UV curing systems for the coating and converting industries. Both events will be an opportunity to update the professionals on the full range of UV equipment for use with coating and converting machinery supplied by the British manufacturer.

As a company in the UV curing technology industry, GEW has become a player in the design and manufacture of UV systems for web coating lines up to 2.50m wide. A range of UV curing equipment is available to cater for all processes including highly effective short wave mercury arc lamps for hotmelt adhesives and long wave UV LEDs for specialist coatings and laminating.

GEW will show conventional mercury arc UV lamps, LED, hybrid UV systems, inert-gas UV curing and hybrid power supplies.

Inert gas curing is an important feature in the production of silicone release liners and other processes requiring total polymerisation at highest line speeds. The inert curing process takes place under controlled conditions in a sealed chamber and brings many benefits to the cross linking of acrylic and silicone coatings such as faster production speeds, reduced uncured photoinitiators and the ability to reduce ink or varnish weight.

GEW’s inert atmosphere curing solution can be supplied as a complete new system or as a retrofit and comes with an embedded precision oxygen level analyser to ensure process consistency and production efficiency.

The inert-gas control panel gives the operator a visual feedback and enables him to simply set the required ppm level and the control automatically adjusts the inert gas flow to match the set O2 level and optimise the curing process.  

The latest advanced power supplies from GEW can run both LED and conventional mercury arc curing technology as changes in job requirements or ink formulations dictate.

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