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Contact Cleaning System From Teknek

2nd March 2009
Nat Bowers

Teknek has launched Nanocleen, said to be a new generation of contact cleaning technology with advanced contamination and static control features. At the core of the Nanocleen system is a specially formulated roller and adhesive roll.

The Nanocleen system can be fitted to old and new versions of the Teknek Clean Machine as well as other makes of contact cleaning machine using an optional upgrade kit so investment in new hardware is unnecessary.

Stephen Mitchell, managing director, Teknek said: “Substantial research and development resources have gone into the development of Nanocleen as well as extensive testing with existing customers.”

He added: “Nanocleen will set the standard for contact cleaning for years to come. There is nothing else like it on the market and it offers users a clear competitive advantage in terms of yield improvements and waste reduction by providing unprecedented levels of contamination removal and static reduction.”

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