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Soldering stations help to prolong tip life

11th February 2016
Mick Elliott

Two new RS Pro soldering stations announced by RS Components enhance efficiency, ease of use and flexibility. The 60W and 80W soldering stations have smart features that help to save energy, enhance ease of use and prolong tip life. These include automatic recognition of working/non-working status, as well as smart time setting between 1 minute and 120 minutes before entering standby or shutdown mode.

The front panel contains an easy-to-read LCD temperature gauge and a heating-up status indicator. In addition to microcontroller-managed temperature calibration and the user-friendly setup menu, these features help ensure rapid soldering and optimum productivity.

Both rapid and fine-tune temperature adjustments are supported, and the simple three-button panel makes light work of pre-setting or switching frequently-used temperatures. An audible alarm is also available.

Users of these new stations can experience optimum flexibility and safety thanks to the modular design that separates the power supply and low-voltage heater, and allows the user to position the standalone soldering-iron holder in any convenient location on the benchtop.

The high-quality four-core heater ensures fast thermal response, and the standard 900M series soldering-iron tip can be removed separately to allow easy and economical replacement.

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