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Soft silicone flat EMI gasket material

21st July 2016
Peter Smith

Kemtron’s new EMI gasket is a flat sheet material comprising a solid silicone rubber, embedded with Monel or Aluminium metal wires orientated perpendicular to its surface. According to the company, excellent RFI/EMI/EMP shielding performance is achieved as the material has a wire density of up to 140 wires/ CM2 in solid silicone providing an environmental and RFI/ EMI seal when clamped between two metallic surfaces.

These wires are crimped to aid compression and are chemically bonded to ensure their retention. They will also penetrate most light oxide layers, ensuring a low contact resistance path when suitably compressed.

For applications with severe joint unevenness, low closure forces and where greater compressibility is required, Kemtron has developed new grades 470/480 of material to fulfil a need that meets the performance of its oriented wire in silicone sponge but with improved environmental sealing qualities. The company has achieved this by using a very soft solid silicone with a reduced wire count of 100 wires per cm2 - the same as its silicone sponge.

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