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High purity CVD SiC suits semiconductor manufacture

7th May 2015
Barney Scott

Morgan Advanced Materials has announced the availability of high purity Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) SiC, a material suitable for semiconductor equipment components. Morgan offers precision-machined RTP edge rings along with gas distribution plates and focus rings for plasma etching. Also available are Metal Organic CVD (MOCVD) components used to manufacture LED lights.

The freestanding monolithic CVD SiC material is available in two grades. High Resistivity (HR) SiC, a black material optically translucent in thin sections, has an electrical resistivity greater than 1Ωcm and is 99.9995% pure. ELR SiC (Engineered Low Resistivity) is 99.9999% pure with a bulk resistivity of less than 0.1Ωcm, making it suitable for RF coupling in the chamber.

Morgan’s patented Rmax process makes near net shape fabrication possible, driving down costs by minimising the need for time consuming and expensive SiC machining. Compatible with many industry forming processes, the near net shape ring production greatly improves the production of silicon carbide parts with ring shapes. Along with the price advantages stemming from its near net shape capabilities, Morgan also has unique capabilities in large capacity CVD processes, and large area, thick CVD materials.

Using advanced CVD SiC manufacturing technology to supply the high performance CVD SiC components required by the semiconductor industry, Morgan produces material with high thermal conductivity and high resistance to corrosion, wear, and abrasion. Parts made of CVD SiC last longer than those made of other materials, reducing warranty costs. The extremely durable, non-particle generating material is suitable for the ultra-clean environment of semiconductor manufacturing facilities. The SiC components stand up well to the plasmas and acids used in semiconductor processing and cleaning.

Morgan’s oxidation and etch process reduces the number of high energy particles on the surface, smoothing out the surface on a molecular level. Ultrasonic drilling can produce gas distribution plates with holes as small as 0.5mm, and electric discharge machining is available to produce detailed features. Precision hard grinding and high tolerance CNC machining round out Morgan’s machining capability.

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