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Ersa solder fume filter units freshen the air

13th July 2020
Alex Lynn

Solder fume extraction units protect from respirable particles (< 1 micrometer) contained in solder smoke. Thereby they have a preventative effect against the pollution of human respiratory tracts and chronic diseases like asthma and bronchitis.

In corona-times all topics around the health of employees are receiving higher attention – and that´s a good thing because staff members remain the most important asset. The media reported research from the Technical University Berlin addressed the spreading of aerosols in closed room environments including the risk of infection. Technical ventilation minimises the risks of infection.

Wearing a mask in a hand soldering work environment is uncomfortable. Additionally, face masks are limited to reduce the spread of fine aerosols created while a person is just speaking or breathing.  In closed room environments with many people present. technical ventilation that guarantees sufficient air exchange rates.  Fresh air is ‘thinning’ the potentially virus charged aerosols and thus reduces the immediate danger of infection.

Filter units to clean the process air also fit into the concept of freshening the air!  Especially in a soldering environment, the highly efficient filter systems capture the air in the operators’ direct work area.  They filter out harmful particles generated from flux in the solder smoke.  In combination with technical aeration, the indoor climate is improved.

The Ersa fume extraction units EASY ARM 1 and EASY ARM 2 supply a three-stage filter system to clean the process air.  The pre-filter (class F7) captures particles larger than 1µm size.  In the combined filter (class H13), micro-particles smaller than 1µm are bound, and activated carbon neutralises harmful gases.

The units are connectable to Ersa soldering stations and rework systems, and thus supply effective protection.  This creates a healthy work environment and operators are protected against illnesses.

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