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Computrol installs technology for inline cleaning

26th March 2014
Nat Bowers


Computrol has purchased patent-pending Flood Box technology for inline cleaning from Technical Devices Company. Installed at Computrol’s Idaho facility, Computrol will benefit from lower costs and easier compliance with environmental standards.

With the Flood Box, the chemistry is not sprayed into the air or sucked up by an exhaust system, and is more efficiently recycled. The system is able to penetrate the lowest clearances within an electronic assembly, thus the amount of chemistry needed to clean assemblies may be significantly reduced.

The Flood Box is a contained area within the wash section of a Nu/Clean inline cleaner where the circuit board is completely submerged, allowing the fluid to flood the board without lowering or raising the conveyor. While travelling through the flood box, the circuit board is simultaneously hit with pressurised spray from nozzles and flooded with turbulent currents of fluid. The Flood Box is then followed by conventional top and bottom spray bars.

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