Smart tech in your drink spells the end of waiting times

20th September 2016
Joe Bush

We live in a connected world. Major advances in technology now mean that your car can communicate with its environment, your smartphone can connect to your heating at home, while your TV can talk to your fridge.

However, until now this connected world hasn’t ventured far away from our smart home or our cars. Now though, a new invention could be about to alter the average night out. Martini, a familiar name in the world of vermouth has begun a trial of its MARTINI Smart Cube.

This 3D printed, ice cubed shaped devices, senses when your glass is running low on liquid (by sensing when it’s no longer submerged) and alerts the bar staff in real time so they can prepare drinks in advance – thus avoiding frustrating waiting times at the bar. While this could be potentially hazardous for those trying to avoid the following morning’s hangover, not to mention expensive if you’re not keeping track of what you’re spending, the invention does have the potential to reduce the tedious queueing involved when waiting to get served.

The technology uses Apple’s iBeacon technology - a software protocol that allows a hardware transmitter, typically with Bluetooth low energy connectivity, to broadcast a notification to nearby devices. The cube is also capable of letting bar staff know how far the drink is away from the bar, so they know where the drink needs to be delivered after ordering.

The MARTINI Smart Cube was created with advanced design software and the final product cases were injection-moulded in food-safe resin. As well as providing its real time ordering technology, it also functions as a traditional ice cube, thanks to Aerogel, a technology created by NASA, which keeps the temperature of the cube cool, and allows it to stay buoyant.

“At MARTINI, we believe that time with friends is time well spent. Our Smart Cube technology means that you can do just that instead of queueing at the bar,” said Laila Mignoni, Creative Excellence Director, MARTINI. “There’s huge potential for innovation within the beverage industry and this is just the beginning."

In more practical terms it is anticipated that in the future, the MARTINI Smart Cube will keep you informed of your alcohol consumption and will be able to alert you if your drink has been tampered with.

The MARTINI Smart Cube was premiered at the Terrazza MARTINI Darsena, at the recent Italian F1 Grand Prix at Monza.

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