NXP and partners launch European test drive to showcase the future of ‘intelligent traffic’

11th November 2014
Jacqueline Regnier

NXP Semiconductors has teamed up with industry leaders to launch a ‘Communicating Cars’ test drive along the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Corridor across Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Starting today from the world’s leading electronics trade show – electronica – in Munich, the tour will see a convoy of Honda smart vehicles drive through 1300km of roads, including ITS test fields in Munich, Vienna and Helmond fitted with Siemens intelligent traffic infrastructure. The demo cars, which are fitted with leading and secure NXP communications technology, will showcase the benefits of smarter traffic control including improved road safety and reduced pollution.

Transport ministers from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands announced in 2013 that they would be creating this cross-border corridor and have subsequently demonstrated an unprecedented level of co-operation across ministries, motorway operators and the automotive industry to prepare the corridor for public use in 2015. The initiative will see roads across the three countries fitted with smart traffic lights and other intelligent road signs that are able to interact with connected vehicles and alert drivers to upcoming traffic jams and road hazards before they enter the field of vision. The result is not only a dramatic reduction in road fatalities, but minimising the environmental damage and economic loss caused by traffic jams, estimated to have cost Europe approximately €7.4 billion in 2013 alone.

As a leader in the field of connected cars and pioneer of secure Vehicle-to-X (V2X) technology – vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication – NXP Semiconductors initiated the ‘Communicating Cars’ test drive along the European ITS Corridor. In addition to ensuring secure connections between the cars involved in the demo and to the infrastructure, NXP also brought in other industry leaders to help make the tour a reality including:

•         Siemens – responsible for supplying the intelligent infrastructure, interurban traffic systems, urban controller, traffic lights, environmental detection systems and road works warning-systems with secure cooperative V2X modules

•         Honda – supplying the cars for the tour

•         Cohda Wireless – supplying the application software

•         TÜV Süd, Automobile clubs AvD and ANWB as supporters of V2X communications

Kurt Sievers, Executive Vice President & General Manager Automotive Business NXP, said: “With our RoadLINK product NXP is the leading full-range provider of secure V2X chipsets, ensuring maximum levels of secure communications and privacy protection for Connected Vehicles. Our Communicating Cars initiative in cooperation with Siemens, Honda and other partners supports the European ITS Corridor. We will demonstrate how to make traffic dramatically smarter and safer on real roads in Europe. Clearly our initiative will create significant momentum and paves the way for fast deployment of ITS solutions across Europe.”

The ITS Corridor tour begins on November 11 and 12, taking Honda vehicles through the NXP / Siemens test route around the electronica exhibition grounds. The cars will then travel to Vienna to drive along the Siemens ITS telematics test field on November 17. They will arrive at their final destination, the Rotterdam and Helmond test fields in the Netherlands, on November 19. Here, a closing conference will be held to discuss important issues concerning road safety with high-ranking politicians and representatives of leading companies and automotive groups.

Wilke Reints, Head of Research and Development for the Siemens Business Segment Intelligent Traffic Systems: “Siemens is a firm believer that intelligent road infrastructure is ready for deployment. Siemens has also conducted intensive research on the subject of communication between vehicle and infrastructure, and believes that policymakers, highway operators and automakers must now work closely together for the pan-European implementation of international initiatives like the ITS Corridor. For future generations of products, Siemens will rely on RoadLINK communications technology by NXP.”

“The increasing deployment of intelligent transportation systems provides excellent potential for road safety and traffic efficiency”, says Sven Leonhardt, Department Manager for Functions and Material Technologies at Honda R&D Europe. “Our test drive at this event demonstrates that this technology is fully functional. Honda’s vision of “Safety for Everyone” is becoming reality”.

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