New line of dual-frequency omni antennas launched

23rd May 2019
Lanna Cooper


KP Performance Antennas has launched a new series of dual band (dual frequency), omni antennas offered in 2GHz/3GHz, 2GHz/5GHz and 3GHz/5GHz configurations. KP’s new line of omni antennas consists of three models, each with four-ports, dual-band functionality and horizontal/vertical (H/V) polarisation.

These antennas provide two frequencies in a single radome enclosure with one mounting point. They are dual-band, enabling 2x2 MIMO in each band or 4x4 MIMO across bands with carrier aggregation. These antennas deliver high gain ranging from 10-12dBi and operate in a range of dual frequencies from 2,300-2,700MHz + 3,500-3,800MHz, 2,300-2,700MHz + 5,150-5,850 MHz, and 3,500-3,800MHz + 5,150-5,850 MHz. All models utilise four N-type connectors.

By using low and high band radios within a single antenna, this line provides different levels of coverage or service to the end user. Elevation beamwidth for this product line ranges from 7-10°. The central function of these antennas is as a base station antenna for 2GHz, 3GHz and 5GHz AP radios.

“Our customers want a low cost antenna solution that provides 360° coverage with multiple radio platforms, but only using one omni antenna. This line fulfills our customers’ needs while also eliminating the need for mounting multiple sector antennas or omnis,” said Justin Pollock, Ph.D., Antenna Engineer at KP Performance Antennas.

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