MWC 2016: Active antenna RF switches support high LTE data rates

25th February 2016
Mick Elliott

Two active antenna RF switches with what is claimed as the industry’s highest linearity for LTE smartphones, devices and other Internet of Things (IoT) applications have been introduced by Ethertronics at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The fully integrated switch solutions support high data rates and broad frequency ranges. 

The EC686 and EC646 are designed to meet the market demand for smart Active Steering antenna systems which dramatically improve performance by increasing data throughput, reducing dropped calls and minimising the antenna footprint needed for today’s multiband LTE and LTE Advanced smartphones.

With the proliferation of worldwide mobile spectrum, smartphone manufacturers are seeking new smart antenna solutions that can efficiently handle more than 20 cellular frequency bands, in addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Ethertronics’ new RF antenna switches provide antenna tuning and band switching which are both key elements to solving these challenges.

The EC646 and EC686 can also be used to actively band switch cellular antennas to cover additional frequency bands.

 By combining Ethertronics’ antenna systems expertise, RFICs and proprietary algorithms, the devices can seamlessly adjust the characteristics of a wireless antenna including covering all 2G/3G/4G cellular, Bluetooth, GSM, ISM, RFID, Wi-Fi bands, correcting the impedance mismatch and reducing the antenna’s physical volume by up to 50 percent without performance tradeoffs.

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