Digital isolator achieves seven channels of isolation

19th February 2015
Mick Elliott

Analog Devices’ ADuM3151 SPIsolator Digital Isolator optimises isolation of serial peripheral interface (SPI) transmissions for higher speeds, while provide additional low speed channels for control and status monitoring functions. The ADuM3151, which is in stock at Mouser Electronics is based on ADI’s iCoupler digital isolation technology.

This device supports SPI clock rates as high as 17MHz, and provides a slave select multiplexing system that allows up to four slave devices to be serviced from one isolator.                                                                                                                      

The device is a 3.75kV rms, seven-channel, SPIsolator digital isolator that features low propagation delay and low jitter on all multiplexed channels that support SPI clock rates up to 17MHz. It accommodates up to four slave devices as well as three low data rate isolation channels. Data in the low channels is sampled and serialised for a 250kbps data rate with up to 2.5μs of jitter in the low speed channels.     

The isolator simplifies the design of a complete SPI digital isolation system by using just three components. The high level of functional integration in the part provides developers with a simple solution for isolating high-speed SPI signals along with commonly used low-speed status and control signals in a single package. Faster SPI clock speeds also enable it to have higher data throughput, providing improved system performance with faster response times.     

The isolator is rated for up to 125°C, and supports a wide range of high data rate SPI applications, including distributed control systems, PLCs and sensor isolation monitors used in industrial automation, instrumentation equipment and motor control.  

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