Korenix JetOS95 v1.3 for JetBox Embedded VPN Platforms now support VRRP router redundancy & Ericsson 3.5G/GPS Mobile Module for Enhanced Performance and Rich Mobile Expansion

27th January 2011
ES Admin
Korenix releases the enhanced JetOS95 v1.3 Software in its JetBox 9400 / 9500 / 5400 series Embedded VPN Router Computers with additional routing redundancy functionalities and modulized drivers for providing enhanced network performance and flexible connectivity for front-end industrial control applications.
With the supported Virtual Redundant Router Protocol (VRRP), using a keepalived daemon, IPC providers can perform router redundancy and therefore, have guaranteed network reliability. Moreover, by enabling the new Fastpath, they are capable of enhancing the routing performance of the network infrastructure through the hardware networking engine.

Another addition to the updated software is the newly supported Ericsson 3.5G / GPS module driver and the control software (wvdial, gpsd), designed with innovative features to provide a rich and cost-effective mobile expansion for flexible applications. The newly supported Ericsson module allows JetBox 9560 / 9460 series Embedded Vehicle PoE / Router Platform users to have the world’s largest coverage from HSPA, WCDMA, EDGE and GPRS technology, to perform remote manageability, tracking, and much more via the embedded network assisted GPS, etc...

Users can greatly benefit from the enhanced JetOS95 with the new driver modulization capability; i.e. they can use the JetBox SDK to compile their device drivers and load them into the JetBox, after which the JetBox will be able to use the driver to control the device. For example: loading Ericsson driver into the JetBox and, thus extending the mobile function.

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