Korenix JetBox 9460 series Embedded VPN Routing Computers w/ 4 Gigabit, 4 Serial ports and Mobile Expansion

18th February 2011
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Korenix is pleased to release the JetBox 9460 series Embedded VPN Routing computers based on Linux and designed with a mobile expansion slot as an addition to its multifunctional interface, for providing wireless data transmission and GPS location tracking via miniPCIe and SIM slots.
The new embedded platforms offer LAN & WAN, USB & DIO ports as well as Serial & Gigabit ports, which are supported by different models and are designed to ensure various connections to digital and signal control devices, to provide remote control as well as high bandwidth uplink data streaming in industrial network infrastructures. Additionally, the embedded VPN computers support complete layer 3 routing functions for managing extended network groups in large networks, have a rugged design with fanless IP31 enclosure for resisting vibration and shock and providing uninterrupted high performance data transmission and programming under -40~80oC temperature extremes of industrial front end control applications. .

Enriched Multifunctional interface design for Flexible Connectivity

JetBox 9460 series are designed with multiple port combinations for providing various connections for users’ specific applications. The new series include:

* JetBox 9460-w Embedded VPN Routing Computer w/ 4LAN, 1WAN, miniPCIe & SIM slot

* JetBox 9462-w Embedded VPN Routing Computer w/ 4 Serial, 4LAN, 1WAN, miniPCIe & SIM slot

* JetBox 9463G-w Embedded VPN Routing Computer w/ 4GbE, 4LAN, 1WAN, miniPCIe & SIM slot

Via the 3 USB ports JetBox 9460 series’ users can have wireless and cellular network connectivity, via 8 DIO ports provide data transmission from digital devices, as well as through the 4 LAN ports ensure the Ethernet data streaming. Using the 4 additional Gigabit ports the JetBox 9463G series work as backbone networking devices and are capable to reliably transmit high bandwidth data from giga switches to the control room. The JetBox 9462 series are designed with 4 RS232/ 422/ 485 serial ports and can remotely manage card readers, cameras, speakers and other access and security control devices via Ethernet.

Mobile Expansion for Enhanced Wireless Connectivity

With the optional miniPCIe and SIM slots, JetBox 9460 series provide users with wireless transmission and GPS location tracking. The computers are compatible with various miniPCIe modules, including Ericsson’s 3.5G / GPS mobile module which allows JetBox 9460 series’ users to have the world’s largest coverage from HSPA, WCDMA, EDGE and GPRS technology, to perform remote tracking, etc... To further manage wireless connection, the computers also provide built-in software tools.

Effective Group Management via Layer3 Routing and VPN Networking

JetBox 9460 series support complete layer3 routing functions, such as OSPF, IPv6 and RIP, and thus allow to efficiently manage extended network groups in large network infrastructures. Besides, it also offers VPN and DMVPN functionality to expand networking capabilities and reduce system costs by establishing long-distance and dynamic secure overlay network connections over WAN.

Performance-Optimized Embedded Linux Computing

JetBox 9460 series have a built-in Linux OS and thus can be easily deployed in front-end industrial control applications. IPC providers can also easily manipulate the network or device related settings via user-friendly web UI—Webmin. Last but not least, using Korenix’s Auto-Run customization setting on SD card, they can develop their own customized industrial control applications while simplifying network management and making it more flexible.

By blending up the rich interface, ruggedized design, complete layer3 routing and management functions as well as RISC-based Linux computing into the compact embeddable platforms, the JetBox 9460 series become perfect solutions for IPC providers to enhance their networking solutions under the harshest outdoor conditions.

Key features of JetBox 9460 series are:

* Intel IXP 435 667MHz networking processor

* VPN, DMVPN for enhanced secure networking

* Complete layer3 routing: OSPF, RIP, DVMRP, IPv6

* 4-port Gigabit Ethernet for high-bandwidth data transmission (JetBox 9463G)

* 4-port RS232/422/485 (DB37 connector), supporting TCP server/client

and paired TCP modes (JetBox 9462)

* miniPCIe & SIM slot for mobile module (GSM/GPRS/3G/HSUPA)

* Versatile interfaces of USB, DIO, SD control

* Full managed features with QoS, VLAN

* NTP for network time management

* Embedded Linux UI—Modulized Webmin, capable of running customized control programs

* Linux Auto-run SD card for customized configuration

* Cross-platform applications by JamVM

* DC 12~48V power input

* Fan-less and ruggedized industrial design for anti-vibration, anti-shock

* -40~80°C operating temperature

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