Kontron announce Panel PC familiy V Panel Express which consolidates multiple tasks into a single system

12th November 2012
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The Kontron Panel PC familiy V Panel Express is now available with the Intel Core i7 dual-core processor. Compared to its predecessors, this version offers nearly double the performance and is ideally suited for industrial high-performance applications. While increasing the performance, the system remains fanless - positioned for deployment in harsh industrial environments.
Operating as a combined real-time control and visualization system for industrial imaging helps eliminate the need of purchasing two separate systems, saving customers costs and space. Kontron has already presented matching reference designs with RTS Hypervisor, VxWorks, Linux and Windows.

Apart from its overall high performance features, the Kontron Panel PC V Panel Express impresses with its consistent industrial-purpose design. Thanks to its 100% passive cooling concept, the Panel PC needs neither a fan nor a fan filter to be replaced and is therefore completely maintenance-free. An optimal shock, vibration and temperature resistance are all standard features of the Panel PC family. The same is true for its high-level of protection against electromagnetic inteference, which is often found in industrial environments emitted from electric motors. The V Panel Express is scalable from 12.1 inches to 19 inches serving the increased demand for larger display sizes. The front panel is made of stainless steel and offers IP65 protection against dust and spray water. The resistive touch display, with LED backlight, enables reliable operation even when working with gloves and pens is required. Optionally, the front panel can be designed to cater to customers' specifications, including individual branding.

The feature set in detail
The Kontron V Panel Express, with long-term availability of up to 5 years, supports the Intel Core i7-2655 dual-core processor with 2.2 GHz (2.9 GHz in turbo mode) and up to 8 GB DDR3 memory. For applications with less performance demands, a version is available with the 1.4 GHz Intel Celeron 827E single-core processor. The integrated range of interfaces suitable for industrial deployment includes 5x USB (1x front, 4x rear), 1x LAN 10/100, 1x LAN 10/100/1000, 2x RS232 and 1x DVI-I. Via up to two PCI Express slots, customer-specific extensions can be integrated, i. e. for different field busses. In terms of storage media, either up to two SATA hard disks or especially robust Compact Flash media can be housed.

Kontron's CE certified Panel PC family V Panel Express is now available in EMEA and North America and supports Windows XP, Windows 7 and Linux Embedded.

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