Kontron OBSERVO: Rugged Surveillance Data Recording Server

31st March 2011
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The new application-ready Kontron rugged RAID Data Server OBSERVO is specially designed for surveillance data recording in harsh environments which require integrated mass storage and data integrity.
The server is based on 3U CompactPCI technology which offers modularity and longevity in a robust design.. The Kontron OBSERVO can be configured to meet the specific application needs for video, radar or sonar data recording in markets such as transportation, military, government and industrial automation. Thanks to this turnkey platform which can be configured with several feature and performance options, OEMs can concentrate on core competencies and improve time-to-market and overall quality of their surveillance solutions.

Kontron's rugged RAID Data Server OBSERVO boasts a high-speed RAID array comprising up to eight SATA-II hard disks or Solid State Drives (SSDs). The server also features high availability and high shock and vibration resistance to fulfill the requirements of mobile and naval-based surveillance applications, for example. The Kontron OBSERVO can be configured with several different performance options such as Ethernet switch integration, extended duty (24/7) drives and a range of communication options. If required, conformal coating can also be included to protect the system against humidity and dust, which is especially relevant for EN50155 compliancy and deployment in railway applications such as railway platform edge observation or video recording in local trains to prevent vandalism. The Kontron rugged RAID Data Server OBSERVO can be configured to accommodate the extended temperature range of -40°C to +80ºC to deliver trouble-free 24/7 operation under extreme environmental conditions, for example in borderland surveillance applications. The rugged CompactPCI design with the high-performance backplane eliminates the need for internal cabling. Also, the hot swappable hard disk and SSD carriers minimize system maintenance in all application areas resulting in extremely high availability and a lower total cost of ownership.

The Kontron rugged RAID Data Server OBSERVO in detail
The Kontron rugged RAID Data Server OBSERVO is housed in a 19 3U system chassis with the high performance Kontron RAID controller module CP3693 at its core. Data scalability, supervisory and recovery functions are supported by the RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 10 or Just a Bunch Of Disks (JBOD) ensuring high data integrity and safety. For fanless applications, the Kontron CompactPCI processor board CP307 serves as a system controller with a passively cooled 1.06GHz Intel Celeron M processor and 512MB of soldered RAM providing an optimal cost-performance ratio at minimum power consumption. Alternatively, the Kontron CompactPCI processor board CP305 with Intel Atom processor with 1.6 GHz and 1 GB RAM offers EN50155-compliant reliability for rolling-stock and rugged in-vehicle applications. When high processor speed is needed and forced air cooling, any 3U CompactPCI processor board out of Kontron's portfolio can be selected. All boards come with a CompactFlash card with a pre-installed Linux or Windows image. To meet the demands of individual application needs, Kontron has developed two platform variants. The first variant includes up to eight SATA-II hard disks or SSDs, while the second variant includes up to RAID 5 and four disk carriers enable additional project-specific hardware functions via up to four dedicated CompactPCI boards. Kontron also offers an Ethernet switch to handle communication, for instance to CCTV cameras or intelligent IP-based HMIs. For inter-system communication Kontron also offers a 4HP carrier equipped with conventional UMTS, GSM, GPS, LTE and WiFi modules.

The Kontron rugged RAID Data Server OBSERVO runs on both Windows and Linux operating systems and is now available as a standard off the shelf system. It can also be customized and delivered as a tested and independently certified solution.

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