Hectronic announces industrial temperature range Qseven module with AMD Embedded G

18th April 2013
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Hectronic has announced an industrial operating temperature range (-40°C till +85°C) version of the existing product H6059, a CPU module based on AMD Embedded G-Series APUs. An APU is a combination of a low-power CPU and an advanced graphics processing unit integrated into a single embedded device.
The new H6059 version addresses the demand for CPU modules for harsh environments. Additionally there is a new version of H6059 based on T16R, an APU with 4.5W TDP and 615MHz clock frequency. H6059 is a module measuring 70mm x70 mm and it is compliant with the Qseven standard revision 1.2.

H6059 is characterized by a combination of powerful graphics and CPU performance, low power consumption and compact size. H6059 with AMD Embedded G-T40E is offered specified for an industrial temperature range. The module targets for instance applications like digital signage, advanced HMIs, mobile products for test and measurement as well as advanced digital cameras. The industrial operating temperature range opens up for a wider use of H6059 in applications such as mobile systems, products for outdoor use and embedded computers mounted in cramped spaces with extreme temperatures in vehicles.

H6059 based on AMD Embedded G-T16R is an alternative that fits applications for which CPU performance is not crucial, low power properties is an advantage and the powerful graphics performance characteristic of this platform is required. “The impressing graphics are one of the advantages our customers see in this platform and it’s one of the reasons for choosing H6059 in their embedded applications. I’m sure that the optional industrial temperature range and the low-power T16R APU will lead to even more design wins for us,” says Anders Rundqvist, Director of Sales and Marketing at Hectronic.

The powerful graphics performance comes from the GPU Radeon 6250 integrated with the CPU. It offers for instance increased 2D/3D and motion video acceleration performance and can be used for general purpose GPU computing by taking advantage of AMD’s OpenCL support. The features of H6059 includes a rich set of I/O interfaces including for example four PCI Express ports, eighth USB 2.0 ports, two SATA ports, LVDS and the new digital display interfaces DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. The module supports up to 4GB onboard soldered DDRIII DRAM, as well as a soldered onboard BGA SATA Flash SSD of up to 32GB.

Hectronic is an AMD Embedded Solution partner and a participating member of the Qseven consortium

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