Designing an antenna for the M24LR64-R dual interface I²C/RFID device

8th April 2011
ES Admin

The M24LR64-R device is an EEPROM designed for access via two different interfaces: a wired I²C interface and a standard contactless ISO 15693 RFID interface

Both interfaces are widely used industry standards. So the M24LR64-R can be integrated into almost any electronic application provided that the processor offers an I²C interface. It may also be accessed by any RFID reader that supports the ISO 15693 interface.

Integrating the M24LR64-R in an application is simple: on the I²C side, there is no specific design requirement as the device interfaces exactly as any serial I²C EEPROM device. On the RF side, the M24LR64-R needs to be connected to an external antenna to operate.

To help you with the design of the antenna, there is an application note, you will find below.

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