Embedded PC platform COMSys: A strong foundation for Box PCs and Panel PCs

13th November 2012
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The uses of TQ's embedded PC platform COMSys grow ever more varied: the modular system now not only shows up in TQ's own products, but often forms the core element of individual partner and customer solutions that require flexibility, reliability, optimized cooling, and long-term availability.
The simple mechanical and thermal integration of TQ's scalable PC unit serves users in a great variety of solutions. For example, extremely compact and usually passively cooled Box PC solutions have arisen for use in camera monitoring and quality assurance. With up to 6x Gigabit Ethernet and the latest Intel® Core™ CPUs, it's possible to operate and analyze multiple IP cameras at the same time.

These solutions are also well-suited to act as decentralized servers that operate reliably in rough conditions without interruption.

Manufacturers of HMIs and Panel PCs also benefit from the compact and slim construction and optimized thermal connection. Displays can easily be equipped with high-performing PC technology with minimal design work and reduced costs of mechanics and cooling. Display, touch, and computing units blend into one powerful, robust, but slim device. Additional standard expansion cards (PCI or PCIe) can be installed without having to enlarge the casing.

##IMAGE_3_R##TQ's modular embedded PC concept banks on standards with a good future. The use of COM Express modules ensures high availability, since the COM (Computer on Module) standard has worldwide prominence, which ensures that suitable modules are available for each new generation of x86 CPUs. Since COM Express modules are equipped with CPUs listed on the Intel® Embedded Roadmap and are thus available for at least seven years, there is no risk that you will constantly have to change already introduced systems despite the fast-moving nature of the PC industry. All devices built using the TQ COMSys platform, whether Box PC, Panel PC, or individual embedded PC system, can be delivered with the same configuration or converted to the latest processor technology with minimal effort. This feature guarantees the future of investments and of the ability to meet rising standards.

TQ at electronica: hall A6, booth 307

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