Complete BLE 4.2 module measuring 8x8x1mm

27th September 2016
Enaie Azambuja

The ISP1507 from Insight SiP is a Bluetooth Low Energy module, based on the latest Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 chip offering the next generation in BLE technology in a 8x8x1mm System-in-Package. The ISP1507 offers a full Bluetooth v4.2 stack and IPv6 connectivity, and thus can form the hub in IoT applications. This ready-to-use module offers a 32-bits ARM Cortex M4 CPU, 512kB flash memory, analog and digital peripherals SPI, I2C and GPIO.

Combined with its integrated 32MHz/32kHz crystals, RF antenna and matching circuit and DC/DC converter, this module forms a standalone Bluetooth Low Energy node.

Power consumption is typically 5.5mA (transmission and reception), 1.5uA for standby mode and 0.7uA for deep sleep mode ensuring best in class performance with a long battery lifetime. Transmission output power reaches +4dBm and reception sensitivity is also improved to -96dBm.

The ISP1507 also incorporates NFC type-2 tag functionality (external antenna required), enabling easy "touch-to-pair" functionality.

To support product developers, Texim Europe provides a complete development kit together with sample software that provides everything required out of the box to start developing a solution on day one.

• 32-bits ARM Cortex M4 CPU; 
• Ultra-small LGA System-in-Package measuring 8x8x1mm; 
• Multi-protocol 2.4GHz low power RF transceiver; 
• Bluetooth v4.2 stack (single mode); 
• ANT/ANT+ stack; 
• Based on Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832; 
• 512kB Flash, 64kB SRAM;
• 30 GPIOs including ADC, SPI, UART, PDM, I2C; 
• Fully integrated RF matching and antenna; 
• Supply voltage: 1.7 to 3.6V; 
• Power consumption: 5.5mA (typical), 1.5uA (standby), 0.7uA (deep sleep); 
• Temperature range: -40 to +85°C; 
• NFC-A tag for OOB pairing; 
• Integrated 32MHz & 32kHz clock; 
• DC/DC converter with loading circuit; 
• Rx sensitivity -96 dBm; 
• Data rate up to 2 Mbps.

• Home automation; 
• IoT applications; 
• Industrial connected sensor applications; 
• Wearable technology; 
• Beacons; 
• Sensors for healthcare and sports.

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