Bluetooth SMART module features built-in antenna type

16th June 2016
Nat Bowers

Looking to play a role in enabling the IoT, ALPS has developed a low-power Bluetooth SMART communication module with built-in antenna. The UGMZ2AA is claimed to be among the smallest, measuring 4.7x4.7x2.0mm, and has one of the lowest power consumption levels, 5.1mA (0.6µA in sleep mode), in the industry.

A wide range of devices and services recently introduced to the market make use of IoT technology and their spread continues.

Communication modules are essential for connecting IoT devices to the internet. Devices powered by batteries or button cells, in particular, increasingly employ communication modules conforming to low-power communication standard Bluetooth SMART. Parts inside devices must also be compact and power-efficient as products become ever smaller and more sophisticated.

The series' compact dimensions were achieved using RF circuit design and precision processing technologies accumulated by ALPS over many years. The module also has an originally designed antenna circuit pattern on the top of the unit in a single package. This omits the need for end product manufacturers to separately prepare an antenna, thereby helping to reduce the workload during equipment development and design.

The UGMZ2AA's low power consumption makes it suitable for devices running off a button cell or other battery.

The UGMZ2AA has been incorporated into Alps’ Sensor Network Module IoT development kit, a multi-functional sensor module for acquisition and transmission of motion and environmental data integrating six-axis (Geomag+Accel), pressure, temperature and humidity, and UV and ambient light sensors with this Bluetooth Smart communication module in a single package.

Mass production is already underway.

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