Rugged Stainless Steel Panel PCs for Food Processing Industries

11th September 2012
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AAEON has today unveiled the addition of two new models to its Rugged Stainless Steel Panel PC AFP-6000 series, the 15” AFP-6152 and 12” AFP-6123, providing an easy to clean and hygienic human machine interface for food and beverage industries.
The AFP-6000 series are designed with an stainless steel type 316L enclosure, meeting stringent IP66/ NEMA4x waterproof standards, while adopting a 5-wire Resistive Glass-Film-Glass Touch anti-scratch panel which offers higher sensitivity to touch, allowing factory workers to operate the units with gloves on. These benefits are essential in food and beverage processing industries. Such features also make the AFP-6000 series suitable for other industries such as harbour and marine, mining, chemical plants and factory automation.

The AFP-6152 and AFP-6123 are designed to be durable, using the highest grade stainless steel type 316L enclosure with polished surface for easy cleaning and maintenance and offer protection against extreme vibration and shock, dust accumulation and corrosive acid and alkaline. The AFP-6152 and AFP-6123 provide M12 waterproof I/O connectors for two USB2.0, one RS-232, one RS-232/422/485, one LAN and one power input. Even with a completely sealed off waterproof enclosure, the AFP-6000 series also offers wide operating temperature of -10℃ ~ 50℃, without airflow. In addition, power input protection mechanism with over-voltage protection, low-voltage protection and reverse protection make the systems more reliable.

“Better than aluminum which oxidizes over time and may contaminate the food, the highest grade Stainless Steel 316L is chosen as enclosure for the AFP-series,” said Alan Chou, Product Manager of AAEON’s Panel Appliance & Automation Division. “Resilient to corrosion brought about by salt, acids or alkaline and easy for cleaning and disinfecting in a hygiene environment, the AFP-6152 and AFP-6123 models are the best HMI available for food and beverage processing and chemical plants.”

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