Adder’s AdderLink Infinity Management Suite Flexes Its Muscle at NAB2010 in Las Vegas

12th May 2010
ES Admin
The AdderLink Infinity delivers to its users a uniquely flexible method of working with computers. AdderLink Infinity allows you to pick and choose media elements (video, audio and USB) from computers located anywhere on your network and present them either to a single receiver, or broadcast them to as many receivers as you wish. You can then hand over control of USB devices to anyone else on the network at the touch of a button, and collaborate with the benefit of digital video clarity. Alternately, you can use the system to switch back and forth between computers located anywhere on your network.
Potential applications for the AdderLink Infinity and A.I.M. are widespread from broadcast, post production and medical through to banking, defence, research establishments or command and control. Share control, take control, and collaborate with colleagues live on any channel. Relocate, secure and environmentally isolate computer hardware.

The A.I.M. suite delivers administrative control over AdderLink Infinity networks allowing you to centrally manage all the units, user privileges, channel definitions and log all activity across the network. A.I.M. also allows you to upgrade all connected units centrally at the touch of a button.

A.I.M. is a server-based technology allowing you to login and control via a web interface from anywhere on the network, giving you extraordinary levels of control any place, any time. The A.I.M. server is delivered pre-configured to automatically identify AdderLink Infinity units, work with existing LDAP structures and to maintain service continuity via integrated system backup protocols.

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