Advanced Cabling Solutions from Rittal

5th July 2010
ES Admin
Handling fibre and the new 10 Gb/s augmented category 6 cabling in data centres is becoming significantly more difficult to deal with. With greater core diameters, which in turn cause larger bend radii, the enclosure is no longer a secondary consideration. Both the Rittal TS 8 and TE7000 range of enclosures provide advanced cable management such as gland plate modules with brush strip for cable entry, grooved cable routing panels and also fibre-optic shunting rings where strain relief and bend radii are guaranteed.
Rittal's high-density patching solutions can be attached to mounting angles, to 19 mounting frames and on the side of the IT rack framework. Back-to-back mounting is also possible whereby the openings already integrated in the duct are used for routing cables between the levels. A continuous system of punchings, integrated within the cable duct, allows the continuous assembly of more cable management elements and structuring aids. Patching density can be increased by up to 30 per cent to a maximum of 1008 ports per rack which helps to significantly cut the total investment required and also reduce the floor space used.

In addition, Rittal has launched new cable-spools which can handle excess lengths of cable and be applied as a radius reducer when redirecting cables. These help accommodate large volumes of cable within the network distribution system and can reduce the amount of space used for cabling in data centres.

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