Right-Angle Connector has Swivel base

25th October 2006
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Lapp has added two new connectors to its EPIC range. For use by machine tool, motion drive and robotics manufacturers the CIRCON LS1 A3 is suitable for power connections and the CIRCON M23 A3 is for data and control signals. Both are said to be unique in the market because of their patented swivel base. Right-angled connectors are commonly used in the manufacture of industrial systems to save space. In many cases final assembly of complete systems can be difficult and time consuming because of the location and inaccessibility of the connectors.
The new Lapp LS1 And M23 right-angled connectors are the first ever to rotate to ensure ease of connection. The patented swivel base operates over a rotation range of 330º and has a vibration protected ratchet mechanism to hold the connector at 15º intervals to facilitate single-handed connection. The very compact connector housings facilitate ergonomic product design and no special tools are required for assembly.

The EPIC CIRCON LS1 A3 power connector comes in two different pin configurations 5+PE and 3+PE+4, the 1mm contacts are rated at 250V/7A and the 2mm contacts at 630V/22A.

For control systems the EPIC® CIRCON M23 A3 can have either 6, 7, 8+1, 9, 12, 16 or 17 connection pins rated from between 50V/7A to 150V/20A depending on the configuration. M23 A3 connectors are packed in 5 or 20 piece cartons.

Both connectors meet IP68 for environmental protection, are resistant to corrosion and mechanical shock and have operating temperatures of -25ºC to +125ºC

Andy Kotas, Marketing Manager of Lapp Ltd, comments, “These two new unique products give our EPIC® range of connectors major advantages over all of our competitors. We now have a complete range of very compact, right-angled connectors that allow installers and service engineers to position them exactly as required for ease of use and single handed connection.”

The EPIC CIRCON LS1 and M23 connectors are suitable power and signal connections on machine tools, drives, servo-drives, robotics, encoders and factory control and measurement systems.

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