Push-pull connectors for soldier applications win on ruggedness and portability

22nd March 2011
ES Admin
AB Connectors, a division of TT electronics, has announced the first product in its new family of lightweight military connector systems optimised to enhance the portability of rugged field-based communication equipment.
The new Push-Pull Connectors combine lightness with extreme ruggedness and durability. Advantages over similar alternatives include easier orientation alignment, improved sealing when mated or un-mated, variable un-mating force and simplified assembly. Built-in Screen-Trap® terminations also allow faster assembly of screened cables.

The connectors achieve their enhanced sealing performance by implementing multiple o-rings, such as the combination of a dynamic o-ring and additional inter-contact o-rings in the panel-mounted connectors. All connector variants feature colour-coded key location to promote fast, accurate use in the field and offer current capability to 5A at 40°C.

Fixed, free and coupler-connector variants are available, thereby supporting numerous cable-to-chassis, cable-to-cable and cable-joining applications. A castellated locknut supplied with the fixed connector simplifies secure chassis attachment. Scoop-proof contacts in the blind-matable free connectors for cable-to-cable application prevent bending or shorting of pins during mating.

All variants feature gold-plated copper alloy contacts and a rugged built lightweight metal shell that can be specified in nickel, aluminium, bronze or brass. Shells are chemically blackened giving a durable, non-reflective low-visibility finish. After assembly, the connector and cable can be finished either by over-moulding or by fitting a heatshrink boot.

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