Low voltage connector for small servo motors replaces two circular connectors

18th January 2008
ES Admin
Designed as a replacement for two circular connectors, the Cm2 series low voltage connectors from ITT Cannon provide maximum power in a minimum size package featuring 50% less weight than conventional circular connectors. Also 50% shorter than comparable circular connectors and benefiting from a low profile design, the devices are ideal for small servo motors requiring low power (up to 3A) in applications where space is at a premium such as industrial motion control, robotics, factory automation and material handling.
Benefiting from only one housing for three signal connectors, Cm2 series low voltage connectors feature a maximum current of 3A at 80 degrees Celsius and a maximum voltage of 48VAC with a wire section of max 1mm². Installation is fast thanks to simple harnessing and easy contact assembly without tool. Furthermore, Cm2 series low voltage devices benefit from crimp contacts, excellent vibration resistance and are completely shielded and sealed, including two sealed entries for power and signal cables.

Further technical details of Cm2 series low voltage connectors include a contact resistance of less than 10mOhm, an insulation resistance of more than 5000MOhm, an operating temperature range of -40 up to +125 degrees Celsius and an IP rating of IP65 or IP67.

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