LAPP's Cable Range For Equipment Exports to USA

27th August 2008
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Lapp has announced a key addition to its ÖLFLEX M and TM cable ranges produced to meet the latest USA safety legislation for electrical equipment - NFPA 2007. The new ÖLFLEX CONTROL TM CY cable has a double screening of tinned copper wire braid and aluminium foil ensuring a high level of resistance against electrical interference. According to Lapp, the new cable is suitable for open or exposed runs on cable trays between equipment or devices and both on and in machines in industrial establishments in accordance to NEC 336.10(7).
Matt Ansell, Marketing Manager of Lapp Group UK comments,” Our new NFPA 79 listed cables are intended for use in electrical equipment and as fixed wiring in buildings used for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. They can also be used as flexible connecting leads for movable electrical equipment, simplifying cable selection and logistics for our customers”

Before NFPA 2007, approvals provided generic Appliance Wiring Material (AWM) standards for use in specific, listed electrical equipment. This covered devices and appliances that are fully factory wired by their manufacturer. AWM standards were not intended to cover wiring carried out in the field for connecting of equipment and installations. As AWM recognised cables could only be used for the specific applications listed in their individual type description, installers frequently still employ incorrect cables.

The new edition of NFPA 79 expressly forbids the usage of UL Recognised AWM in industrial machinery. Only equipment wired with listed cables, suitable for its intended application, will now be allowed. For electrical and industrial plant engineering companies, changes must be made now for development, planning and production of all new equipment.

The new standard includes an exception where AWM approved cable may continue to be used as part of a listed assembly, “as an integral part of a fully factory wired ready-made wired sensor or actuator” or if it has been evaluated for external use. Should these exceptions be sought it is recommended that they should be authorised by the National Recognised Testing Laboratories (NTRL) or Authority Having Jurisdiction (AH). Non-compliance can lead to costly re-working or contractual penalties.

The new ÖLFLEX M and TM listed cables from Lapp offer fully compliant alternatives to the old AWM cables, allowing complete flexibility and security of use for products to be exported to the USA.

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