ERNI Electronics extends SMC family with additional pin numbers in all variants

15th March 2011
ES Admin
ERNI Electronics is enhancing its popular two-row SMC connector family in a 1.27mm pitch with versions featuring additional pin numbers in all the available configurations (straight and angled male and female connectors plus female IDC connectors for ribbon cable systems).
This means that SMC connectors are now also available in the pin numbers 16, 20, 32 and 40, expanding the current range with 12, 26, 50, 68 and 80 contacts.

SMC connectors in a 1.27mm pitch have been used successfully since about 20 years and have been consistently further developed. The key design criteria of the SMC series are a patented double-sided spring contact principle for good HF behaviour and extremely secure connection, a high-temperature-resistant insulator with polarisation for extremely secure mating and SMT technology with 100% controlled coplanarity of the tiny contact pins.

Various modules such as straight and angled male and female connectors in combination with SMT and IDC offer users maximum scope for design. For miniature backplanes, male connectors in pressfit technology are also available. The connectors are frequently used in a number of totally different locations within a system in order to realise backplane, mezzanine, ribbon cable and coplanar connections. For further versatile sub assembly designs, there are additional versions in various heights creating mezzanine distances from 8 to 20mm. For extremely application the distance can be increased up to 40mm using so called board-to-board adapters.

The SMC connectors are produced in high quality on state-of-the-art fully automated manufacturing machines and are even designed for fully automated assembly. Thanks to their high contact density and the small board space required, SMC connectors are ideal for compact applications.

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