Connectors provide three contact rows & data rates of 25Gb/s

16th October 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

Introducing variants with three contact rows, ERNI Electronics expands it’s MicroSpeed high-speed connector family. High-speed data applications with up to 25Gb/s are enabled by the MicroSpeed Triple connector family, which has a 1mm pitch. A high contact density is provided by the three row versions with SMT terminals.

Available with 75 and 192 pins (3x25 and 3x64), the straight connectors offer maximum grounding and routing flexibility (single-ended and differential signaling). On request, additional pin numbers can be provided.

To reduce the row-to-row crosstalk between the two signal rows, the centre (third) row can be assigned as ground path. Via the shielding blades, the row can be used for power feed. Via Flex PCBs, the 180° MicroSpeed Triple connectors can be used for board-to-board connections (Mezzanine) or the board connection. The connectors enable 5mm (1mm male and 4mm female) board-to-board distances. Providing a reduction of coupling inductivity, the devices are shielded. While the connectors provide interference resistance through immunity and EMC protection, interference emissions are minimised.

Offering safe and reliable usage for industrial requirements, the connectors feature polarised mating face and self-centring, 1.5mm wipe length and a robust blind-mate design. Tolerance compensation is provided by the dual-beam female contact design.

Operating across a -55 to +125°C temperature range, the devices are impedance matched (50/100Ω). SMT termination is featured within the signal contacts. For all the contacts, SMT coplanarity is fully guaranteed and specified with less than 0.10mm. Enabling horizontal and vertical arrangements of the differential pairs or single-ended signals, the connectors have a longitudinal pitch of 1.0 and 1.5mm row spacing.

Special layout configurations can enable the best crosstalk configurations. ERNI provide support for these configurations in the form of field-tested suggestions, with corresponding test data available on request. Specified for more than 500 mating cycles, the signal contacts have a 1.0A current carrying capacity and the shielding has a 10A capacity.

Supplied in tape-on-reel packaging, the connectors feature LCP black insulators for visual detection, and a pre-mounted pick and place pad to facilitate gripping. The three row MicroSpeed connectors, which will be available in Q1/2015, will be presented by ERNI Electronics in B3.158 of electronica and hall 2, booth 650 of SPS/IPC/DRIVES.

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