CAD Models Speed Custom Interconnect Design

26th May 2007
ES Admin

Omnetics, the leading manufacturer of miniature high rel connectors, has announced that 3D CAD files of its interconnect components are downloadable from its website, enabling designers to quickly and simply develop custom interconnect solutions based on the company’s ultra-reliable miniature connector technology.

Comments European Sales Manager, Gary Evans: “We have made STEP file (.stp) models of our contacts and inserts available for download so that designers can import them directly into a variety of different CAD programs - ProE, Solidworks, Inventor, etc - thus saving a lot of time and effort, and eliminating errors.” Once imported, the models - created to size and with all available termination options - can be manipulated within the design and positioned to check for size constraints. Designers can take measurements, see size relations, layout boards based off the footprints, and more.

Adds Evans: “The best part is that you have instant information: rather than waiting for a sample to see what or if it will fit, simply import the STEP file and see right now.”

Omnetics’ interconnects are used extensively in military, aerospace, medical, oil and gas and other industries where ultra-reliable, miniature and lightweight connectors are necessary. Solid 3D models/STEP files are also available, upon request, for most of the company’s COTS and standard devices.

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