Cables for lifting applications feature less weight and diameter

16th October 2007
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Tyco Electronics has introduced its ROV product line of heavy lift umbilical cables, neutrally buoyant tether cables and heavy tether cables for all lifting applications in offshore and marine environments. The small size cables all benefit from reduced weight and diameter, providing longer length on current handling equipment.
All three cable types feature high voltage ratings, high temperature, reduced diameter power conductors with flexible conductors, screened twisted pairs for instrumentation and co-axial or databus for data and video. Furthermore the cables feature MM or SM Fibre In Steel Tube (FIST) and grounding via copper tapes.

Heavy lift umbilical cables from Tyco Electronics are typically 30% smaller than their competition, allowing longer excursion without the heavy investment cost of new winching equipment. Umbilical cables feature a bespoke cable design, 2 or 3 layer, torque balanced steel wire armour packages, typical depth ratings to 4000m and EMC immunity via tin plated copper braid.

Neutrally buoyant tether cables benefit from a neutrally buoyant TPR sheath and flexible yet mechanically resistant sheath. The cables are available in bespoke designs and aramid yarn armour packages. Excursion lengths are up to 1000m.

Heavy tether cables feature minimum diameter, maximum length tethers with a flexible, mechanically resistant TPR sheath. The cables are available in bespoke designs and aramid yarn armour packages.

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