Block connectors provide flexibility for OEMs

7th October 2015
Jordan Mulcare

TE Connectivity has introduced three low-profile block connectors, including the 0.3H block SIM card connector, 0.3H block side-entry SIM connector and 0.3H block micro SD connector, which are recent additions to its SIM card connector portfolio for smartphones, wearables and other mobile devices. The block solution in these connectors provides flexibility for OEMs to create their own custom model designs for mobile and portable devices that need SIM and micro SD card capability.

“We see the block design in card connectors as an industry trend that deserves reliably manufactured solutions,” said Eric Himelright, Vice President of Product Management, TE Data and Devices. “Our simple design removes fixed metal shells and other custom components in the connector which helps OEM customers develop their own product designs with more flexibility and cost-efficiency. Additionally, TE’s anti-buckling contact design is adopted in all three low-profile block connectors to increase durability by reducing the risks of breaking card contacts and buckling issues in card and card adapter ejection.”

The 0.3H block SIM card connector is 12.95mm long, 7.5mm wide and 0.3mm high and has a card detect switch to better secure circuit connection. The 0.3H block side-entry SIM connector is 8.0mm long, 7.6mm wide and 0.3mm high with the side-entry design to allow more space for the battery and provide a better dual-tray design. The 0.3H block micro SD connector is 6.15mm long, 9.6mm wide and 0.3mm high.

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