Blade-contact battery plug/socket systems from SUYIN: Small pitch, robust design, highly flexible applications

28th September 2011
ES Admin
Due to their particular ruggedness and their high mating reliability, plug-and-socket systems have become indispensable for the rechargeable batteries used in many portable and industrial applications in which the terminal devices are subjected to extremely harsh environmental conditions.
Compared to other systems with spring or spring-probe contacts, battery connectors with blade contacts offer clear advantages, such as simple, user-friendly operation, and longevity. SUYIN is now presenting two new 5- and 6-position battery plug-and-socket 1500XX-series with a 1.5-mm pitch and a variable design featuring plug-and-socket mating capabilities between 0° and 90°, thus enabling both vertical and horizontal mating.

These blade contacts feature very good electrical properties, such as a contact rating of 30 V DC / 7.0 A per pin, a contact resistance of 20 mΩ (max., initial), a dielectric insulation strength of 500 V for one minute and, among other properties, an insulation resistance of 1,000 MΩ (min., initial). All of the versions are generally only available for through-hole mounting. Some of them can be processed with reflow soldering, others with wave soldering.

SUYIN can supply customers with a quote for production volumes beginning at 80,000 pieces per year. Additionally, SUYIN can support the product ramp-up phase by supplying smaller amounts. Depending on the order volume and delivery times, diverse customer-specification adaptations can be made, for instance for modification of the plastic housing, different numbers of positions, types of contact plating, etc.

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