Altus Assists Cogent Technology with PCB Traceability

6th June 2022
Tom Anstee

Traceability of PCBs is extremely important to improve production processes, however, it is becoming increasing difficult as technology advances and boards become smaller in size and more complex to manufacture.

To ensure all PCBs are manufactured to the highest standards, Cogent Technology, a manufacturer of cutting-edge medical devices and instrumentation, consulted with capital equipment distributor, Altus Group to assist them with machines to handle the traceability of their multifaceted boards.

With one of the largest smart factories in Europe, manufacturing for international distribution, Cogent Technology ensures all devices are produced to the highest quality standards and continually enhance their capital equipment investment to guarantee production runs effectively.

Paul Harrison-Rowe, Cogent Technology Engineering Manager said: “For a medical device manufacturer such as Cogent Technology, traceability of sub-assemblies is vitally important to both the Client and the internal Cogent QMS processes.

“At the moment, serial number labels are printed and fitted by hand. This was suitable for a low volume batch build process; however, this is now hindered by an ever-increasing demand for volume products, and an ever-decreasing size of printed circuit board and associated available space for labels.”

Altus was able to offer a solution to the challenge with the YJ Link YLM Laser Marker. “As the production of highly advanced electronic assemblies increases, the importance of traceability has never been more important,” said Joe Booth, Altus CEO.

“High-tech manufacturers like Cogent Technology are looking for ways to implement processes to improve manufacture. But they must also integrate seamlessly into a ‘lights-out’ production plan. Aligning with these processes is the YLM Series Laser Marking solution.”

“As one of the most affordable and technologically advanced laser markers available in the marketplace today, the YLM Series Laser Marking ensures manufacturers meet high production targets with ease.”

Paul added: “The YLM Laser Marking machine can internally flip over the PCBs and mark the same serial number to both sides, as well as speeding up the application time and reducing cost. Also, since the Laser Marker effectively reduces the size of the serial number real estate, it could now be applied on PCBs where previously it was not possible.

“The Laser Marker will allow some other features to be introduced, such as marking the work order number onto the waste material of the PCB panel or having the ability to be able to mark logos, dates etc. as required.”

Cogent Technology made further capital equipment investments with the selection of an Optilia BGA Inspection System. With parts no longer available for their existing machine, the Optilia platform included many features that would fit in with the company’s demanding requirements, including a larger Field-of-View to see beneath low stand-off BGAs.

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