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TAS5352ADDVR - Texas Instruments

Audio Amp Speaker 1-CH Mono/2-CH Stereo/4-CH Stereo 190W Class-AB 44-Pin HTSSOP EP T/R

Operating Temperature Range(C)0 to 70
Closed/Open LoopOpen
Power to Parallel Bridge Tied Load(Max)(W)240
Package GroupHTSSOP
Control InterfaceHardware
Power to Bridge Tied Load(Max)(W)125
Package Sizemm2
Power Stage Supply(Max)(V)37
Analog Supply (V)(Min)10.8
Approx. Price (US$)3.10 | 1ku
Supported Bridge Tied Load(Min)(Ohms)4
Speaker Channels(Max)4
Sampling Rate(Min)(kHz)192
Supported Parallel Bridge Tied Load(Min)(Ohms)2
Supported Single-Ended Load(Min)(Ohms)3
Audio Input TypePWM
Power Stage Supply(Min)(V)0
Analog Supply (V)(Max)13.2
ArchitectureClass D
Power to Single-Ended Load(Max)(W)45
Output Power(W)125
Part FamilyTAS5352A
PB FreeNo
Distributor Part number Quantity Cost
Texas Instruments TAS5352ADDVR 7885 $7.53 Buy now
Mouser Electronics 595-TAS5352ADDVR 665 Buy now
Digi-Key 296-44705-1-ND 3872 $6.84 Buy now
AVNET Express TAS5352ADDVR $4.89 Buy now
AVNET Europe TAS5352ADDVR $5.79 Buy now
AVNET Europe TAS5352ADDVR $5.79 Buy now
AVNET Express TAS5352ADDVR $4.89 Buy now
Arrow North American Components TAS5352ADDVR 0 Buy now
Verical Marketplace TAS5352ADDVR 10000 Buy now